About SilverStripe

SilverStripers are passionate about the limitless possibilities of the web. We share a vision: to create platforms that help people work together better. As well as supporting the community that helps grow open source project, we work with a number of clients across government, banking, utilities and telecommunications.

Open source

We are strong advocates of open source software. Our core products SilverStripe CMS and Framework are both open source and available for free download. We believe in - and have experienced firsthand - the power of an open developer community. Our open source culture extends to openly sharing what we learn. This benefits our teams, our clients and our community.


Agile is a way of running projects that places an emphasis on people, communication, working software, and responding to change. Our use of Agile extends beyond processes alone, influencing everything we do. We’ve seen firsthand how Agile empowers happier, more productive teams while delivering the best results for clients.

Always learning

A natural extension of our open source and agile culture is a passion for learning. There are plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development at SilverStripe. This includes attending conferences, internal mentoring programmes; monthly hack days and regular internal events likes “Show & Tells”, "Lunch & Learns" and “Guild Meetings”.

We’re also committed to growing the next generation of developers and we volunteer regularly at code schools with organisations like Catalyst, Gather and Summer of Tech. Giving back feels amazing.

Our core values

SilverStripe is big on things like building trusting relationships, using technology to solve important problems, and helping others reach their goals. We actively foster a culture that supports our core values of honesty over comfort; adaptability over guarantees; collaboration over control; continuous improvement over perfection; and camaraderie over corporate culture. Our culture is awesome.

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