PHP/JavaScript Developers

Wellington, New Zealand · Permanent


SilverStripe is growing. We have big ambitions for world domination and we’re looking for excellent people to help us get there. We’re particularly on the look out for talented PHP/JavaScript developers — and a whole bunch of them — to join us.

What you will be doing

These are intermediate to senior level roles. You'll be working with a high performing scrum team based in Wellington. You could be working on on leading edge projects for clients like Meridian Energy, Skinny Mobile and Westpac; or you could be helping make the SilverStripe framework and CMS awesome for our open source community.


Who we are looking for

We look for well-rounded people who:

Here are the specifics of what we're after:

How to apply

We put a lot of thought and effort into hiring at SilverStripe and we've come up with a process that works well. If your application looks promising, we'll invite you for a casual coffee. If that goes well, we invite you to formal interviews. We’ll take you through a technical interview first. You’ll then get a chance to meet your future team mates and managers to assess whether or not we share the same values. By the end of this process, we’ll both know if we want to work together.

If you think you would make a great SilverStriper, please apply below.


We're family friendly

SilverStripe is a grown-up company. We want to create an environment that has all the excitement and intellectual stimulation of a startup but with a sensible business model. We don't have ninjas and rock stars working 80-hour weeks. We do enjoy working with smart people in an efficient and disciplined manner. Many SilverStripers have young families and we strive to support that.

We take professional development seriously

There are plenty of opportunities for learning — we pay for SilverStripers to attend conferences and training; we have an awesome mentoring programme; we hold our own monthly hackdays; and we encourage knowledge sharing through regular internal events likes “Show & Tells”, "Lunch & Learns" and “Guild Meetings”. We've got something on every week. Mostly, you will be working alongside super smart designers, developers and scrum masters. They’ll share their love of the craft with you and help you grow your skills.

We're servant /leaders

We’re also active in the New Zealand tech scene. We’re committed to growing the next generation of developers and we volunteer regularly at code schools with organisations like Catalyst, Gather and Summer of Tech. Giving back feels amazing.

Our culture kicks ass

SilverStripe is big on things like building trusting relationships, using technology to solve important problems, and helping others reach their goals. We actively foster a culture that supports our core values of honesty over comfort; adaptability over guarantees; collaboration over control; continuous improvement over perfection; and camaraderie over corporate culture. Our culture kicks ass.

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